Summer Camp


Education is the key to success. As coaches, we believe that education comes before sports.  It is something we want to instill in our players as they grow into young men. If we do not teach them that education will take you further than football will, we are truly doing a disservice to the youth. Report cards will be checked at the conclusion of the school year as a requirement to the football application. We have seen a trend where the grades are lower at the end of the school year because there is a decline in effort and performance at that time. We need to change that mentality. We started our own summer school to help combat these issues. It is mandatory for all student athletes to attend to play football with us unless they are already enrolled in a summer school with their current school. We bring in volunteer tutors, teachers, and guest speakers to assist in the school. The summer school provides additional help with Math, English, etc., but also offers a chance to educate our youth on social issues they face on a daily basis. We want to work on the entire student. We take field trips relevant to what we are trying to teach. The Museum of Tolerance is one of our most rewarding field trips we take and it allows the kids to see the world from different views.