Burn 60 Studios

Burn 60 is a performance-driven, high intensity interval training studio. BURN 600-900 calories during our 45-60-minute full body workouts. Every class is original, fun and effective for all fitness levels. 


Water Buffalo Club

The Water Buffalo Club is a charitable organization dedicated to fostering the well-being of under deserved and at-risk children in Los Angeles through its members' commitment of their time and financial resources. The WBC directly impacts smaller charities by providing grants, hosting events, and supporting youth programs. We are Big Kids Helping Little Kids!

icelandic glacial

Icelandic Glacial is natural spring water from Iceland and is renowned for its high quality and exceptional purity.  It is the world's first bottled water to be certified as CarbonNeutral for product and operation. The source of Icelandic Glacial is Iceland’s legendary Ölfus Spring.


At Zilliance, we create apps, courses, podcasts, and books that help people from all walks of life develop resilience. Our research-backed resiliency skills empower you to remain calm in chaos, make decisions that align with your values, bring your best self to your work and relationships, and feel inspired by the life you are creating.

Worn free

Worn Free is a rock and roll T-shirt label with a simple mission: to resurrect the coolest shirts of all time.

The DJ|JD Foundation

A FOR PURPOSE Organization committed to molding high school freshman to seniors throughout high school, college, and their professions; by utilizing multiple developmental programs and networks to develop a thorough understanding of both finance, financial markets, and long-term goal setting.